Invented out of love for the flower.

Our founder Mark Lewis was seeking a simpler, purer, and more effective way to experience cannabis’ full spectrum of benefits. Feeling frustrated with the overly technical, expensive, and complicated devices on the market, Mark embarked on a quest to reinvent the vaporizer.

His ‘aha!’ moment came when he realized he just needed to replace the functionality of the lighter with perfectly-heated air to turn any pipe into a vaporizer. Mark designed, iterated, and improved on his concept until The Prrl was born.

Mark knew he had created something special that made it easier, healthier, and more enjoyable for anyone—from the cannacurious to the cannasseur—to experience cannabis through vaping. He left his day job and recruited a team of like-minded, optimistic adventurers to help him bring The Prrl to market.

Our team shares Mark’s respect for the flower. We are fiercely committed to reducing the shame and stigma surrounding cannabis consumption and raising awareness about the life-enhancing qualities of it.

Today, we are busy refining the prototype so we can bring you the simplest, most elegant, and effective cannabis experience.

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Meet our team

Mark Lewis
Inventor, Founder, and CEO

Rocket scientist, inventor, educator, father, and entrepreneur—I am committed to improving the well-being of individuals, communities, and the human condition.

Driven by a commitment to excellence and equity, I have a proven track record of establishing and leading complex, multi-million dollar organizations and initiatives. I am a tempered idealist who is insatiably curious, unabashedly honest, and love to bring ideas to life.

Josh Winicki

I was drawn to economic research and analysis because I wanted to understand more about the historic and social implications of supply and demand. Examining the world through an economic lens gives me unique perspective into new and evolving markets and how economic trends and shifts affect people’s daily lives.

As an educator, I thrive in dynamic, challenging, ever-evolving spaces. Working with limited resources, I dig in and do what needs to be done to help students realize their potential and succeed. I apply these same principals to co-founding a startup; manage the unknown, pivot when necessary and do the work.


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