Ember Frequently Asked Questions and Guides


You can’t expect to make decent coffee by just pouring hot water over whole beans. Similarly, you must grind or chop your herb to effectively vaporize it. We recommend that people just starting out use pre-ground herb to ensure consistency. However, we tend to obsessively chop our nugs directly in the bowl itself to make sure that we’re not losing trichomes in the grinder.
There are a few common things to check. First, ensure that your herb is ground or well-chopped and lightly tamped. Second, make sure that the rim of the bowl is clean and the glass chimney is making a good seal. Without a good seal, cold air will enter the air pathway and reduce the efficiency. Thirdly, be sure to preheat the bowl using short, 1-2 second cigar puffs before taking a full pull. Finally, trying slowing down your breath until you feel the vapor getting warmer (near the pre-combustion point), then speed up your draw. Practice, practice, practice until you are able to lightly toast your bowl each time. 😉
Adjust the power by pressing the down/up buttons on the face of the battery unit under the display. What you're adjusting is the power (in watts), not temperature; the actual temperature is dependent on the power as well as how much air you're moving with your breath. It’s similar to a hair dryer or heater that has different power and fan settings. Keep it between 22-28 watts for the best experience. As an aside, many vaporizers on the market claim to be able to tell you the temperature, but most of them are really just giving you a rough guess, since the actual temperature depends on the interplay of both the power setting and your pull.
Yes…maybe. There are two reasons why you might not want to. The first is that the Ember needs to have a good seal between the glass chimney and the bowl. Many spoons and pipes have irregular surfaces that are hard to get a proper seal. However, we are in the process of making a silicone adapter to enable you to do that. Secondly, if you use a pipe that’s already been smoked out of, the tars and residues will spoil the taste of the vapor.
Because you’re not actually burning the herb, microfibers in the cannabis flower tend to accumulate in the pipe screen. We recommend cleaning the screen frequently either by using the Ember on an empty bowl or removing the screen and cleaning it with rubbing alcohol. Replace the screen when needed. We recommend using 5/8” diameter, high-quality stainless steel.
Yes... Don’t. 😎
We searched a long time to find a heating element that provided the purity and durability to stand up to frequent use. We tested out most of the wires used in the e-cig community and quickly found them to be unsuitable (many of them off-gas toxic fumes). After more than a year of researching industrial applications and pouring over patents, we finally found a non-toxic “super alloy" specially designed for high temperature applications, including rocket and jet engines.
We use a high-temperature silica adhesive. We searched a long time to find an adhesive that was both non-toxic and strong enough to hold the chimney in place. The product forms a temperature-stable composite of the magnesium silicate mineral bound within a glassy alkali silicate matrix which does not degrade physically or chemically at our operating temperatures.
The battery and power controller is from a third party. They are customized to meet the needs of the Ember. Our own battery controller and software are currently under development for future models.


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