The Ember

Simple. Pure. Effective.
The Ember gives you complete control
over your cannabis experience.

1about the prrl

Design for the
modern cannaisseur

Our revolutionary technology replaces the lighter, giving you pure flower vaping from a pipe. Instantly.

Simple, elegant, and decidedly contemporary, The Ember offers a refined cannabis experience with superior taste and control.

2how it works

Embrace simplicity

Vaping cannabis flower is healthier than smoking it, but vaporizers can be overly complicated, confusing to use, and hard to clean.
With The Ember, all you have to do is:


Choose your
power setting


Seal The Ember over the
flower in your pipe


Use your breath to
control the temperature
and the density of the vapor


Taste the flower

There are thousands of different strains of cannabis, each with its own flavor, aroma, physical effect, and appearance. Tasting cannabis can be compared to tasting wine, cheese, chocolate, or beer—savoring the unique flavor profiles and aromatic qualities particular to that strain.

The Ember instantly delivers heated air to the bowl of your pipe, bringing out the fullest, cleanest experience of the flower.

Enjoy the benefits

Vaping with The Ember is the perfect complement to an active lifestyle. You decide every aspect of your cannabis experience—what you want and how much of it. You inhale only the beneficial compounds, free from harmful substances like ash and smoke. You get all the control without having to worry when the effects will kick in.

"I invented The Ember to make it easier,
healthier, and more enjoyable to experience
cannabis through vaping.”

— Mark Lewis, Founder

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